Hot Stamping

High-gloss metallic effects - hot stamping

Hot foil Stamping

High-glossmetallic effects

In the glass decoration market, gold and silver effects are important design elements. With the increasing popularity of organic inks, especially UV-curable inks, there is interest to achieve gold and silver effects coming close to precious metals. Although organic gold and silver inks have improved over the years, untill today, none of these are coming close enough to the effect of precious metals. Together with the hot foil manufacturer "Peyer Graphic" and the machine manufacturer "Madag Printing Systems" Marabu has developed a UV-curable Primer which simulate the gloss of precious metals at much lower price.


Any favoured design can simply be screen printed with the UltraGlass UVGL ink series on glass surfaces. The printed image is screen printed onto a glass surface with UltraGlass UVGL Primer, serving as a type of cliché for the hot foil. The foil is transferred into the pre-printed ink film, either through roll-to-roll stamping or vertical stamping, and only adheres to the areas that were primed with UVGL. This combination process enables multiple designs - from fine lines up to bigger areas.

decoration variety

The new formulation of the UVGL-Primer offers a high edge definition and a very good adhesion on surfaces pre-treated with the Primer - regardless of whether on soda-lime-glass, coated container glass or in combination with multicolored glass decorations.
Decoration varietey - UVGL-Primer