Liquid Coatings

Primer, finishing and protection


Marashield UV-PGL

The completely transparent MaraShield UV-PGL acts as primer for subsequent inkjet overprinting, achieving very good adhesion onto glass. The UV-PGL comes in a ready-to-use viscosity for the roller-coating process. By its good adhesion and chemical resisistance on glass, it is best suited for applications like interior design, home decoration and photo art. It combines both advantages: the simplicity of Roller-Coating with the speed of UV-curable inks.

Marashield UV-CGL

MaraShield UV-CGL was designed for rollercoating glass surfaces, for example by employing the "Bürkle LFC 2100 Roller Coater". Compared to the commonly used sprayprinting, roller-coating offers unbeatable benefits like absolutely homogeneous surfaces and efficient, user-friendly processing. The colour range consists of 11 highly-opaque colours as well as opaque white 170 and black 180. MaraShield UV-CGL can either be used for highlighting digital prints, or edge-to-edge covering of wall panelling, work surfaces, glass doors, etc.